Equipped and experienced to go anywhere, anytime. By road or runway.

  • Centrally located, ready to drive to almost any North American location.
  • Capture cart, tent, and generators.
  • DOT metal fuel containers and inspected fire extinguishers.
  • Safety harness, hard hat and Hi Vis gear for hazardous areas.
  • Flags for cameras and photographer, cooling gear for personnel and equipment.
  • Location trailer modified for use as location post production space.
  • High gain location wireless networking.
  • Flight kits are compact, yet require minimal or no gear sourcing at location.
  • Carnets maintained on gear for immediate international travel.
  • International voltage connections including battery backup.
  • Press credentials for maximum travel discounts.
  • International medical and liability insurance including emergency repatriation.



With Imaginary Lines on your set, you are getting more than a Digital Tech. We arrive fully self sufficient, with a load of accessories to make your shoot go smoothly.

  • Redundant gear from backs, bodies and lenses to computers, all on set at no additional charge.
  • Multiple computers deliver speed, and efficiency.
  • Light meter, compass, sunseeker, laser measure, tape measures in metric and imperial, international power strips.
  • Polarizers, Variable ND, and Expodisc.
  • Pocket Wizard II with camera remote cables.
  • Hard sync cables for most brands of packs.
  • iPad for remote viewing/control.
  • Capture cart.
  • Set dog. Not available for international travel.



We have a comprehensive inventory of medium format digital gear from Phase1, Leaf, and Mamiya.

  • Four bodies to choose from with backs up to 80 Megapixel.
  • V grip with Air Sync
  • Focal lengths from 28mm to 210mm including macro, bellows and extension tubes.
  • Accessories from remotes to screens, focus magnifiers and diopters.
  • View camera with Schneider Digitar lens.



Ready for a combined still and video shoot.

  • Canon 5D Mk II and III bodies.
  • Canon 24-105 and 75-200 zoom lenses.
  • Prime de-clicked Nikkor lenses.
  • Graduated ND filters.
  • Intervalometer.
  • Rig with Marshall 7” monitor.
  • Manual and electronic slates.
  • Green and blue screens.
  • Field audio recording up to six channels.
  • Microphones-Wireless and wired lapel, shotgun, cardioid and condenser.
  • 24” Slider.
  • Tripod with fluid head and dolly.



Elinchrom portable strobe and K5600 HMI kits.

  • Elinchrom Ranger RX kits with 2 heads, umbrella and spare battery.
  • Elinchrom skyport remotes.
  • K5600 Joker HMI lighting from 200w to 800w with beamers.
  • K5600 Soft Tubes and Big Eye fresnel lens.
  • K5600/Profoto adapters. Use Jokers in Profoto modifiers such as Beauty Dish.
  • Elinchrom 72” Octabank.
  • Elinchrom/Profoto adapter for Octabank.
  • Chimera Video Pro boxes from Extra Small to Large with Grids.
  • Speedrings for Elinchrom and K5600.
  • PhotoQuip light panels in B/W, S/W, and Translucent.
  • C-Stands with arms.


  • Sticks from Enduro, Manfrotto, and Admiral Benbo from ground level low boy to 8’ carbon fiber
  • Heads from Manfrotto and Acratech. Geared, three way, fluid, ball and nodal rail.



We specialize in creative image retouching and compositing, resulting in extraordinary images in both still and motion.

  • Production artist can be on set during your shoot for preliminary comping, allowing a smooth and rapid transition to post production.
  • Our artists have the ability to create elements that don’t exist.
  • Many different medias can be incorporated, as the project requires.
  • We can match the retouching on still and motion productions to provide a cohesive campaign.



We provide photographic support for the production of images.

  • Products missing from a shoot, or needing to be changed after the shoot, can be photographed and added during post.
  • Elements such as backplates can be shot for specific layouts before, during or after the shoot.
  • With a second camera on set, high resolution panoramic backplates can be captured during the shoot.