Lurzer’s Archive 200 Best Digital Artists Worldwide

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Lurzer’s Archive Special 200 Best Digital Artists Worldwide

Lurzer’s Archive selected us to be in the 200 Best in Digital for 2015. I can’t tell you how proud we are to be one of the 28 studios in the United States to be included.

We didn’t achieve this all by ourselves, we work with a bunch of great people.

Producers, Art Directors, Creative Directors, Photographers, Crew, Stylists, on and on. I guess you all know who you are. Thanks for helping us achieve this recognition.

Knowing which end is up.

Chris in South Africa
Ok, we all have those moments. You’re moving through the day thinking it’s all going well, and you get a not so subtle blow to the forehead that reminds you that you never know as much as you think you do.

I use the compass on my iPhone regularly on location. That frequently ends up in the magnetic north vs true north conversation. I have to admit, I usually forget which side of that one I intend to come down on. Anyway, in addition to that, there are the potential problems like no signal or even a dead phone. So I keep a cheap compass in my kit.

Preparing for a trip, I decided to get a better traditional compass. I dropped in at Whole Earth Provision Co. We like to shop there for several reasons, but mainly we make a big effort to support dog friendly businesses. Consequently, Ridley likes to shop there as well.

I wasn’t looking for anything fancy, just durable. The guy behind the counter showed me something. It looked fine, it had the features I was looking for. Namely a little needle swinging around, and a big N. I looked down, and saw another one in the display case that looked exactly the same, but it was thirty dollars more.
So I asked, “What would I get if I spent another thirty bucks?”
He said, “It’s really exactly the same, except it’s a global compass and it works in both hemispheres.”
I know the look I had on my face. I’m sure I always have it the split second before the blow takes place. I looked at the one in my hand and said, “This one only works in the northern hemisphere?”
He said, “Yep” or some other short appropriate affirmation.
Pointing at the global compass I said, “Do you have to make adjustments? Make settings?”
He said, “Nope, it just does it.” I felt pretty sure the look was still on my face.
I wasn’t sure what to say or what to believe. The only thing certain was I had this sudden vision of standing at the Cape of Good Hope not knowing which direction to go to end up at Heathrow airport.
My response was, “I’ll take the one that does both hemispheres.”

A few days later I relayed this story to a friend whose opinion I generally respect. He berated me with logic and was convinced that I had been taken advantage of. North is north and this was just a marketing ploy. I had to know.

As with so many things in life, the simplest explanation is the correct one. It turns out that if you hold a traditional compass upside down, it will not work. The needle suspension system allows it to bump into the housing. And, as physics would have it, in the southern hemisphere, you are standing upside down most of the time, or at least some kind of sideways. Within a few hundred miles of the equator, with careful positioning, you can get a northern hemisphere compass to work after crossing south. Any Son of Neptune worth his salt knows, you can’t take that chance.

So here’s to asking questions, tiny bits of information, and keeping your needle pointed to the big N.

Recent GRAPHIS awards shine spotlight on Texas imaging studio, Imaginary Lines

  • Graphis Awards
  • Showtime
  • Decathlon Wave
  • Decathlon Hikers
  • Decathlon Horse
  • Decathlon BMX
  • Trikes Abstract
  • Trikes Markesh
  • Ford Transit Conveyor
  • Ford Transit Moon
  • Ram Swagger
  • Ram Upgrade
  • Aramark Hospital
  • Aramark Foodtruck

Graphis Advertising Annual 2015 Awards

Imaginary Lines ended 2014 with six awards for excellent artwork on campaigns displayed around the world. On many of these images, Imaginary Lines provided complete digital production services, encompassing medium format camera rental, digital techs and artists on set, as well as post production.

We worked on location with clients, agencies and production teams in the US, Europe and South Africa on several of these projects. GRAPHIS featured our artwork on an impressive eleven pages throughout their Advertising Annual 2015 Awards publication. We received two gold awards, four silver awards, plus one merit.

Showtime Networks, Inc. – GOLD
Homeland, Season 4
Artwork & Retouching: Imaginary Lines
Photography: Jim Fiscus
Art Direction: Bob Motzenbecker

Decathlon – GOLD
Artwork & Retouching: Imaginary Lines
Capture & Phase One Rental: Imaginary Lines
Art Direction: Marie-Eve Schoetti
Agency: BETC
Cape Town Rigging: i-Rigging Solutions
Production: Evidencia Africa Productions

Beyond the Surface
Photography: Imaginary Lines
Capture & Phase One Rental: Imaginary Lines
Artwork & Retouching: Imaginary Lines
Art Direction: Morgan Richter
Agency: The Matchbox Studio

Capture & Phase One Rental: Imaginary Lines
Artwork & Retouching: Imaginary Lines
Photography: Geof Kern
Art Direction: Camilla Herberstein
Agency: The Blue Hive
Production: BPH Productions and Production Services Portugal

RAM Laramie – SILVER
Artwork & Retouching: Imaginary Lines
Photography: Holger Wild
Art Direction: Lori Wittig & Jimmy Bonner
Agency: The Richards Group

Aramark – SILVER
Artwork & Retouching: Imaginary Lines
Capture & Phase One Rental: Imaginary Lines
Art Direction: Kristin Haley
Agency: DraftFCB
Photography: Michael Nager
Production: Tango Charlie Productions

Capture & Phase One Rental: Imaginary Lines
Artwork & Retouching: Imaginary Lines
Photography: Geof Kern
Art Direction: Camilla Herberstein
Agency: The Blue Hive
Production: BPH Productions, Santa Monica Productions, and Camino Media

Welcome to the New Imaginary Lines Website

It has been 20 years, almost to the day, since we officially set up shop. Looking back through the images we have produced over the years is something like looking back through two decades of family photos. Mostly, the images make us smile. Some are a little painful to remember. New ones are being added all the time that also have their unique stories, creating new memories.

We have to laugh when we think back about how this started. One of our first official jobs was for British Petroleum. The Art Director was in from the UK, and the photographer working with him called to ask if we could work on the project. We had not really gotten our business up and rolling yet and our studio was in our home. Mary was working on a Mac IIci, a relatively hot computer at the time. The work in Photoshop was going painfully slow, but the Art Director was fine. He hung out on our balcony, smoking cigarettes and enjoying the Texas fall weather. This experience inspired Mary to contact Kodak, with whom she had a personal relationship from her previous job, to see if she could work out a deal to get one of their powerful Unix computers running Premier imaging software. They asked her to train Premier users in Hong Kong, Brazil, and Puerto Rico as well as to work on a couple of other projects in 1995 in trade for one of their computers. That was a fantastic experience and the computer hardware was very instrumental in getting our company off the ground.

This year also marks the 20th anniversary of the Neiman Marcus Art of Fashion. That series of images with Geof Kern was our first job with Neiman Marcus. We were fortunate, being a young company, to become involved with such a high profile project while it was still in it’s infancy. We certainly appreciate the fact that we are still adding Art of Fashion images to our site in it’s twentieth year.

After starting as a company offering only Creative Retouching, we have moved into video, capture and production services including equipment rental and artists on set. The journey has taken us around the world and given us the opportunity to work with some fantastic people. The work produced is as varied and wonderful as the places we’ve been and the people we have met.

As we built the new site, sometimes it felt a bit like looking at hair styles changing over the years. We did some editing, and decided to keep representations that go back to “Start”. Unlike hairstyles, many of these images are timeless.

The new site is giving us a better way to stay in touch with our friends from over the years, and also a place to meet new ones.

This home has been twenty years in the making, and we look forward to being part of your projects for twenty more.