Automatic Focus Stacking

One of the greatest things about shooting high resolution is the ability to crop your image and get multiple formats from a single frame. Web and social, double page, single page, banner, vertical poster, bus wrap, and outdoor signage. All of it is covered in one shot.

A problem that may limit your cropping, is the entire frame may not be in focus.

This is where automatic focus stacking comes in. You can tell the Phase One XF camera your furthest focus point and your nearest focus point. The camera will consider those points as well as the lens and aperture you are using. It will then determine how many frames will be needed to create an image of 100% depth of field. It will then automatically adjust the focus of the lens and capture each shot, as well as wait for your strobes to recycle.

The ultimate image for completely flexible cropping.

Photography: Brandt-Stoll Photography
Digitech & Phase One Rental: Imaginary Lines
Retouching: Imaginary Lines