Capital One & Uber exclusive partnership campaign

Digital Artwork – Imaginary Lines
Photography – Nick Simonite
Art Direction – Abbey Nield
Agency – T3
Production – Homestead Creatives

This was a fun project in Austin, TX. Homestead Creatives brought us in to work with photographer Nick Simonite. The agency creative team from T3 was headed up by Abbey Nield. We were on set providing digital capture and to advise on content required as we moved into post production.

On this project we extensively retouched still images. These were for stand alone ads as well as the start point for animations. Using video shot along with the stills, we color corrected and masked elements, adding them to the retouched stills. The final looping videos were used for social media. Along with the videos, we delivered large retouched still images for other uses. This workflow produces images that can be used on everything from web to outdoor.

Participating in workflows from implementation to post production is always our favorite way to go. While providing capture we can compare the images coming in to a content or shot list while still on set. This gives us a transition to post production that is smooth and quick due to having been involved from an early stage. And usually with fewer surprises!!