Chione – Kiss of winter

Chione is the first in a series of Imaginary Lines images that we had a lot of fun producing. Chris and I shot the base images in west Texas and captured the rest of the elements in our new studio. We combined all into a snowy mix of winter, resulting in high res still images and animations for web.

Sometimes good things come from difficult situations. On the way back from a shoot in LA, we were stranded in an ice storm in west Texas. The silver lining was that when we were able to travel again, we experienced something we had never seen before – freezing fog. It was absolutely beautiful. We love to go out and shoot landscapes, so of course we had to stop along the way to capture some images. At times, these shots may be the inspiration for a project, or sometime we use them as elements in other images. This time, these images became the start point for this winter image.

Recently, we set up a new photo studio and it was really fantastic to have space to work. It allowed us to consider a project of this scale and we were really able to take advantage of our 100 megapixel Phase One camera and lighting gear. We handled all aspects of production – concept, art direction, wardrobe, props, lighting, photography, and retouching. We were very fortunate to work with a beautiful model, Anneliese Aeria, and Michael Thomas provided his talents on hair and makeup. Sara Stoll and Justin Guiou assisted with wrangling everything from lighting to snowflakes. All the help was really appreciated. The shoot would not have been successful without everyone’s skill and efforts.

Finally, in our imaging studio, we worked on the artwork. We created an icy, beautiful winter scene from a rather desolate structure in the middle of nowhere. Anneliese was really the goddess of snow that brought the kiss of winter to our scene. There were many lovely shots to choose from for the animations. We worked from many high res still images to create multipurpose images that accommodate large format prints as well as web animations. Special thanks also to Brian Goosen for helping diligently with the artwork.

It was truly a special project for us… Now we are moving on to spring!