First on 7th – downtown Fort Worth high rise renovation

First on 7th – downtown Fort Worth high rise renovation

Andrew Yanez from Pytchblack involved us in a really fun project envisioning an architectural renovation for a mid century high-rise that is adjacent to Burnett Park in Fort Worth. The building has been renamed First on 7th. The structure’s essential character and design was to remain intact and the theme was Modern to Modernized. We needed to change the elevation on the plaza and add a restaurant with outdoor dining as well as landscaping to provide beauty and shade. The renovations were meant to emphasize the outdoor sculptures by designer Isamu Noguchi and make the building more unified with the park.

To begin the project we met Andrew at the building location and we shot different views of the exterior simultaneously with two 100 megapixel Phase One cameras in order to capture both positions in the same light. The client decided they wanted an additional view so we went back another day to capture that option. Once the views were selected, we rebuilt various aspects of the building, reflecting the changes being proposed by the architects. Utilizing CGI and photography, we added various new architectural and landscape elements and we also brought life to the space with the addition of lighting, furniture, and people.

Be sure to check out the final Pytchblack brochure at the end of the video. Beautiful design.

In January, Red Oak Realty, which is leading the renovation project for the 21 story building at 500 W. 7th St., announced the beginning of the renovation project. The plan is to have the work done by the end of 2019. Very exciting!

Artwork & CGI: Imaginary Lines
Cameras & Photography: Imaginary Lines
Creative Direction: Andrew Yanez
Agency: Pytchblack